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Promotion of a site in Yandex

Today, seo-optimization of a web-site at Yandex, its promotion and further advancement in the search engine, allows the company to make your own life - a significant business tool, more visible on the network in a number of competitors, and user-friendly. For companies working in Moscow, high-quality search engine optimization and website promotion on the Internet - a pledge of financial development of small and medium businesses, opening new opportunities for sales of goods and services.

Optimizing a web site and its promotion by Yandex - a service specifically designed to meet the specifics of the company, a portrait of the main consumer and nomenclature price list. Optimization of the site, its promotion and services to promote a Yandex, lie in the systematic development of the resource, create a positive motivation and the right mental attitude of the visitor.

If you are ready for professional and personal approach to developing and supporting their businesses through the efficient use of network resources, the optimization and promotion web site for search engines Yandex and comprehensive promotion of sites in other search engines Internet - the best solution.

Google is building a gigabit Internet

Google has announced that it plans to create their own experimental network, through which a small number of Americans will be able to go online at very high speed.

According to representatives of Google, the Internet giant prostroit ultrafast broadband network in a few selected locations in the United States. "We can provide access to the Internet at a rate that more than one hundred times higher than the average connection speed of most Americans - 1 gigabit per second", - said in a statement to the official blog of Google.

This rate will be provided via a dedicated fiber optic line for "competitive price". In his experiment, Google is planning to reach 50 thousand to 500 thousand people. Under this project, the company pursues several goals.

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