UoPilot instruction

Before writing the script make sure you read the following.

Basic commands:

send f1 1000 / / Simulate pressing F1, and wait 1 sec. Need to wait for example, to menyuha appeared, or give time to do something that bind the button F1.

wait 15000 / / Just wait 15sec.

double_left x, y / / Double-click on the point with coordinates x, y. Where x, y - coordinates of something. They are inserted at the open window UoPilot against the window with the UO. Displaying a cursor on the desired point with coordinates (for example the image of medicine when pumping alchemy) and presses ctrl-A. Generally, all the coordinates are inserted by pressing ctrl-A.

left x, y / / click (not double) at the point with coordinates x, y. NOTE: The team left in UoPilote only works if you poke (make single-click on that either), a goal that is not in bekpake, chest, or other containers. For example the command to use to click on the tree (macro woodcutter), or click on an arrow, which lies on the floor (macro poison).

Double_right team and work in the same right.

from drug to many. / / Ash pepper, that from and where - it's coordinates. How much - desired number if you do not specify the number of specified or all, it will transfer all items. Use this command when moving things from the floor (such as stacks of logs on the floor in your back pack or simply put a log next to the stacks). It is better not to move so things from bekpaka (any container), as with or lag Saves macro at this point will fly off. But if we move from the floor somewhere, then everything will work perfectly.

repeat number of times / / For example repeat 5

there is some action (eg send f1 500)

end_repeat / / End of loop.

As a result, the selected action will be performed 5 times.

IF color coord / / If this is the coordinate of such a color. (For example, we turned the character status window and got his stats display color stripes. When he is healthy, the band hits the blue, when wounded, the band is red. Coordinate here - a point on the runway.) To insert a color, simply click on the top of windows driver, which will be a numerical expression of color, after you press ctrl-A. For example, if a given point (on the band hits) color blue then we beat ourselves FSom. At this point in the band for taking up far to the right end of the strip, and then finish off myself only.

ELSE / / otherwise. For example hilimsya.

END_IF / / I think that's obvious.

SAY here text / / type text and press ENTER

ALARM / / Play the file msg.wav, located in the directory with Uopilot, which must be manually recorded YOU there. (Example: "a million red roses" Alla). A very useful feature when you sleep next to a computer, and you want to wake up in the connection cavity. In this case, at the end of the script you just need to add:

If 485,256 13,421,772 / / If in the middle of the screen (485.256), where a message appears on the color is gray konloste, then play a file msg.wav. The operation (insert the coordinates and colors) should be done by calling forcibly konlosta window, for example breaking the connection to the Internet.



Note: If any check on the color box with PP should be open, as UoPilot takes the color data "directly from the monitor." You can open another window on top, but only so that the point where does the color was not covered by another window.

A couple tips:

Do not forget to write End_Repeat and End_IF

If you put the joists in UO on the button at the end of waitfortarget, then UO will wait until the cursor appears.

Delays put under his connection, as I can be quite different.

At the end of each script, the last line insert just the coordinates of the window in which the script should be executed. You can do this by opening a window with UO, then opening a window with UoPilotom and pressing ctrl-A, placing your cursor on the window title with the SI, ie on a hat box.

More precise information on the commands you can always learn from the very beginning there UOPilot it with 0.97 version by pressing a [?] Button inside program.