UoPilot - Mouse and keyboard autoclicker, take pictures in automatic mode, record video from the desktop!

UoPilot program is an excellent tool to automate some actions on your computer. A functional program is so broad that it can, as to take screenshots from the screen and write video and emulate keyboard (auto hotkey) and mouse (automouse, auto mouse clicker) actions.

Features UoPilot:

  • The program is able to take screenshots.
  • The program is able to record video.
  • Emulating keys on the mouse and keyboard. (Autoclicker)
  • UoPilot absolutely free.
  • The ease of its setup, you can own a little scanty knowledge of the computer to write a script that will help you in your work.
  • Writing scripts is in any text editor, along with the program, with a jump, you swing a file describing how to write scripts for this program, please see the appropriate section.

  • Why UoPilot?

    If you play games online, the program UoPilot is indispensable. All online games have to constantly click the mouse when leveling your character, with some routine actions, which will eventually get bored, or just physically is not enough time. The program allows you to UoPilot "appoint any additional key value corresponding to the action game 'mouse clicks on a certain period, which, incidentally, you can install yourself. In many online games, as stated above, there is such a game process, which takes a long time, but at the same time you're not doing anything, press, for example, once a minute for the mouse, in that the process of program will help you UoPilot, you just configure it and you can go about their business, coming back to your computer, you will see that everything is done for you.

    Another feature of the program is UoPilot removal of screenshots from the screen, allowing you to quickly make some snapshots of your desktop, despite the fact that now you have a computer there. If you're playing some game and saw an interesting point - do a screenshot, if you just want to remember some sort of link or part of the correspondence with a friend, then also make a screenshot. The program in the graph is a screenshot of a sufficiently large number of add-ons that allow you to assign absolutely any key for this action, choose the quality, which will be preserved and shot, of course, the place where the image will be saved. The program also allows you to take pictures in automatic mode, after a while, which, of course, you are installing.

    Another feature - it record video from the desktop and beyond. The use of this function, you can find a great deal, ranging from recording any action that you do on your computer, then to brag to someone or write your exploits in games. Video is recorded in various capacities in which it is up to you. Also of course you have to assign keys, which would mean the start and end of recording. Also, when recording video you have the ability to choose the codec, in what will be written to your video.

    UoPilot program is a wonderful and at the same time a universal tool to simplify the computer. Can be used in many cases and situations. You can use it to record some guidance to users, you can use it to automatically click the mouse in any application that requires such action, and you do not have time to sit at the computer and do the routine work.

    UoPilot system requirements

    System requirements in the program are low, which allows you to install it on virtually any computer. Thanks to its balanced program UoPilot, in disrepair program practically does not use hardware resources, that lets you do routine tasks and do not pay attention to what you have running UoPilot, which helps you.

    Download UoPilot v2.32
    Download UoPilot v2.22